About us

MCA will be serving a high needs population of minority, 87% living below the poverty line with consistent academic. The key elements of this charter school would be high academic expectations, focus on engaging classroom instruction, individualized attention to students’ needs via high-dosage tutoring and promoting American cultural diversity with unity.

MCA is an institution that preparing students to succeed in higher education. Our aim is that all our students to enroll in and graduate from a four-year college upon graduating from MCA. We will achieve our academic aim by combining high academic and behavioral expectations for our students with a high level of individual attention to each student’s needs.

This charter school will build strong network between our students and other students who are attending colleges by giving college students a one-year fellowship where recent college graduates spend a year of service working at MCA, so that our students can receive several hours of tutoring every day, and connect to one or more college student.