To make sure the safety of our students, and academic success Mercy Community Academy provides to parents with guidelines on school’s expectations and procedures. For example, MCA believes that daily classroom attendance is very critical to academic success. Therefore, we empower parents to make sure that their students are in school all day and every day.

Mercy Community Academy believes our relationship with parents play imperative role the academic success of our students; therefore, our relationship with parents is vital. To uphold the relationship with parents, we offer them to participate school meetings, propose new programs, volunteer opportunity, and be active with the school academic success.

Mercy Community Academy is expecting our students to succeed in academic; therefore, all students receive a full nutritious breakfast and lunch daily without cost. On top of that, MCA is willing to accommodate special dietary restrictions if needed.

Mercy Community Academy provides to parents with different supplies that their children will use for classroom learning.

Healthy concern
Mercy Community Academy strong care students’ health, therefore, we have clear procedures that clarify when parents need to keep their child home. MCA requires every parent to make his/her child immunizations, medication up to date.

Mercy Community Academy provides free transportation to all students in all grades. However, students can expect to receive bus assignments by the start of the school year to make sure that we have enough students in the area that student lives.

Mercy Community Academy has a policy to require students to have a uniform because we believe school uniforms support students’ learning achievement and reduces distractions. MCA require each grade to have its own uniform, which students are expected to wear every day.

Winter Weather
Mercy Community Academy makes every endeavor to avoid school closures. However, sometimes it will be very necessary to close because of the severe winter weather. When this happens, we communicate to our parents as soon as possible in a variety of ways to make sure they are aware the school closure.