Care Values

The principles of the Mercy Community Academy is to focus on individual attention to students’ needs and resonate with families of English Language Learners and will ensure that those families are made aware of the option available to them. MCA will ensure that we are proactively and transparently communicating with parents about their students’ strengths and areas for continued improvement.

Parents’ empowerment
We offer our parents of the MCA intensive courses about cultural integrations in America and how to lead their children when it comes to academic success. MCA offers our parents leadership classes, diversity trainings, and understanding parental academic role.  It is our passion to develop the academic skills of our parents and students to make stronger for the next generation.

MCA not only educate parents, but provide them useful resources to improve parents’ decision making for their children’s academic journey from grade one to higher education. MCA training parents how to advocate on behalf of their children in the educational system. We encourage parents to have association that represent the rest of the parents, and we assist to put together their policies and procedure to elect their leaders.

Any parent who is interested to join parents leadership, please contact the office of the community relations by walk-in or fill out this online form click here the Office of the Community Affairs will contact to you as soon as possible.